How SEO and PPC work together?

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How SEO and PPC works together?

PPC and SEO are often handled separately. However, by combining these two tactics, retailers can obtain far greater business results and SERP outcomes. If we make a strategy with SEO and PPC together it will give the best results for our product or service.

What is search engine optimization?

Search Engine Optimization is the art of getting a better ranking of your website without paid listing. You can do SEO by making certain areas of your page optimized so that search engines can easily read your pages and define what your page is about. Some important elements may directly affect your keywords for ranking.

1.Title optimization

2.Meta description

3.Content optimization

4.Image optimization

Search engine optimization

By implementing an appropriate SEO, you will get the benefit of huge organic results. Keep in mind that your website’s content must contain relevant keywords and an easy to navigate.

What is Pay per click?

Pay per click is an advertising solution that allows business and website owners to shown an ad next to searches on

 You charged when someone clicks on your ad to visit your site or call your business, and the ads allow you to be noticed by a wider audience online.

Pay per click

In PPC you also reach a specific group of people by setting up your target audience, in this, you can choose geographical areas, interests, gender selection, etc., or promote a specific deal or product

How SEO and PPC work together?

Well, you cannot just pay and expect your site to gain the top rank on search engines. AdWords work on the model of Bidding, where you create a campaign using keywords that are most relevant to your business and later compete with competitor analysis who wish to bid for the same keywords.

Now, your ad position doesn’t just depend on the bid you place but it is a mix-up of some different elements like Ad Copy, Campaign structure, page rank, website credibility, etc.

Example: –

If you create a campaign for your product and set the bid of 40$ per day, as same as your competitor also sets the same bid for their product. It does not mean that you both set the same bid for your ad so you both are ranking on top of SERP.

It depends on parameters like Ad Copy, Campaign structure, page rank, website credibility, etc. If the page your rank is low then your competitor ad must be shown on top. 


When you create a Google AdWords account for pay-per-click you enter keywords, ad title, ad text, and target URL. Once the ad is approved, you set up a bid for your relevant keyword. In a traditional CPC (cost per click) bidding system, this amount represents your maximum amount you are willing to pay when someone clicks on your ad. There is usually many persons competing for that keyword in the world of advertising.


How does SEO take advantage of AdWords’ innovation and format? It is about the penalties on your bidding. Here is what we mean. When an ad is created in the Google AdWords network, a target landing page is expected. This is the landing page that someone will land on when they click your ad. This page is supposed to present a whole information about your ad.  If your ad is about t-shirts and uses a keyword associated with t-shirts (i.e., men’s t-shirts), someone clicking on your ad expects to see something about t-shirts.


In the above example I talked about an ad about T-shirts. The page that is the target for the ad needs to have a strong SEO ranking on keyword T-shirts. In fact, the SEO relevance of target pages is charge a penalty factor in your AdWords billing. If the target page is analysed and is not relevant based on the ad, Google will add an additional percentage penalty to your keyword bid.

 It’s a penalty that is applied to your bid that makes each cost per click even more expensive. With the penalty, it’s harder to rank in the top positions on SERP and it’s more expensive when someone clicks on your ad. It will effect on your SEO score of your page, the higher the penalty. The solution, good campaign planning, and SEO.


When you set up your campaign, make sure to select the correct objective. Analysis about the ads you are going to run and understand where the click will ultimately lead. You have to find the relevant keywords and phrases that someone would type into the search engines and in solution, our ad appears. Once determined, make sure those keywords and ideas rank well on your page. It is complex, but the cost savings, higher display, and better lead quality are worth it in the long run.

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