WARNING: You’re Losing Money by Not Using Marketing and Branding

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How Marketing and Personal Branding Can Get You Your Heart’s Desire ?

“You can’t sell anything if you can’t tell anything” -Beth Comstock

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First, we will talk about the Fundamentals of marketing :

So, Marketing is the process of analyzing the marketing situation or a scenario and Generating awareness for a particular product or service.

Marketing is done before the creation of a product or a service so this will ensure that there is a win-win situation for the customer and Business as well.

There are 4 P’s of Marketing :

· Product

· Price

· Place

· Promotion


This is what the company creates and sells. Product is the core for any business and it should be a problem solver for the customer or in the society, It is very important to create a product which value or add values to the customer’s life.


This is the cost of a particular product or service according to the production and profit margins.


The right product needs to be in the right place for the right people.


This focuses on where the product should be advertised and sell.

So, to start the marketing journey we need to know the law of marketing or how marketing works,

Basically, marketing is based on science, As A science it focuses on:-

– looking for patterns in the market and in customers buying behavior.

– For using collective data which helps in decision making.

– As a science marketing is a research-based process and which contains deep and analytical thinking

– It also focuses on keep experimenting

Marketing is helpful in positioning in the customers’ minds by which an organization or a company can easily attract or retain its customers.

And If the products having good quality and providing great value to the customers than it’s easy to sell a product and it is very important to focus on creating the best product or service.


What Is Digital Marketing?

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Digital marketing is the use of the internet or online platforms to promote a product or to reach customers through various digital channels.

As we all know how important it is to market any product or services to make sales and earn a profit, medium for promoting or advertising a product or services. but it is also very important to choose

If we talk about old days (before Digital technology) we followed traditional marketing for promoting any product or event offline.

Traditional marketing includes: –

PRINTING (Newsletters, newspaper/magazines)

BROADCASTING (Radio/television)

DIRECT MAIL (Postcards, brochures, catalogs)


And now here comes the era of digital marketing, Digital marketing is also vast in scope and applications but yes if we compare traditional and digital marketing, we easily find that digital marketing enables us to: –

Target specific audience

Reduce cost

Easy retargeting

There are many mediums through which we can do digital marketing or promotions online

1.Search engine optimization

2.Social media marketing

3.Content marketing

4.E-mail marketing

5.Pay per click

6.Affiliate marketing

7.Display advertising


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Now we will talk about the most important part of marketing, The CATT Funnel,

CATT funnel is the whole pattern that helps to increase more leads or sales for your particular product.


N = Niche

C = Content

A = Attention

T = Trust

T = Transaction

So, the Catt funnel is the framework by which a marketer easily focuses on how to attract or reach to customers and generating sales.

It is a long process and takes enough time to build the funnel effectively.

Niche — it is very important to have the best niche which suits your talent and target market.

By selection of a niche, you easily get an idea for your customers that what they need and how you can reach your customers.

Content — “Content is the king” as we all know content is the most important part for marketing so it is very necessary to ensure that your content should be relevant to your product or service and whom you are targeting.

Attention — Now it is time to get the customer’s attention. Getting customers’ attention will help the long term.

Trust — Building trust is the most crucial and important aspect for any business, Trust building is a very lengthy process and it takes time to build trust in customers to place yourself or your product in customers minds.

Transaction — Once you build trust then its very easy to convert your target leads to customers.

It is about making them purchase your product or services you offer and which builds trust in the customer’s minds.

Integrated digital marketing: –

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Integrated digital marketing is the systematic combination of various digital mediums or channels to strongly build an online presence and attracting customers from various sources.

Integrated digital marketing helps to create a best practice for any business or organization to create awareness through all the channels by which one can attract or generate more leads as possible.

It is multiple marketing strategies that form a better approach to perform online.

For Example: –

Amazon Promotes its services through multiple channels –

Search engine marketing

Social media marketing

E-mail marketing

Importance of Integrated digital marketing –

1. Integrated digital marketing generates higher conversion rates.

2. You can generate leads form various touchpoints for customers to buy.

3. Digital marketing channels are evolving day by day.

4.people online spend more.

Building a strong personal brand: –

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Do you want to create a personal brand?

Ever wonder why it is so important to create a personal brand?

Let us take an example of Jeff Bezos, he is one of the most successful businessmen. He is a media proprietor and investor, internet entrepreneur and industrialist.

And best known for Amazon.

He created his own value and personal brand in the minds and also in the hearts of many people by providing quality services and of course achieving what he commits every time for people.

Why you should care about personal branding?

This is the fact that people don’t buy or listen to companies, people buy or listen to people.

People maintain relationships with trust and connections. People focus on what value they get form one. Is it making their lives easy, or solving their problems?

Deeper connections with people will always be a long-term benefit for business and people do business regularly if they get what makes them feel connected and have faith in.

Customer loyalty plays a significant role if one can build a strong personal brand.

Through personal branding, one can easily influence people and have any authority to make decisions that convert people into buyers. And also have a positive impact on people’s mind about his/her product or service.

Building and maintaining a healthy relationship with customers is an ongoing process, it is not only a one-time process.

You have to keep evolving by yourself as a brand and keep tracking your customer’s behaviors.



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As shown in the diagram is called the evolution of a personal brand.

It is consisting of 6 stages and all stages are important.


Having a learning approach every time keeps us improving ourselves and evolving with the time. Learning new things like a skill or learning new concepts and procedures about the particular topic or about the things you are passionate about is very important.


Implementing what you have learned is necessary if you want to become professional in something you like. Execution of things you study about is necessary to boost up your career.


Now you have learned new skill and you are implementing it, then put all your thoughts and learnings into blog writing or articles. Writing is the most creative thing and very helpful in sharing your knowledge and learning with people, by which you can help them out with your experience and people will start noticing you if they will get even any small value form your articles or blog.

Blogging as a career in this era or the digital world is very helpful to build your personal brand in the market you are working in or targeting.

Many people visit blogs, articles, and writing tuffs and daily learn new things and you will be one of them who providing them value by writing your experience in the form of a blog.


When you are writing a blog for a long time, people will start noticing you and start engaging with you in comments or email replies, etc. and start asking a question and doubts they have and now you will start consulting them for their problems and issues.

Consulting people in your target market keeps you improving and helps you to boost your personal brand as you started helping people one to one or in a group.


As you growing in your business and increased in your personal brand many people want to become like you or want to do what you are doing or you did as your career.

Start mentoring your students for the particular thing you are expert in and boost their confidence as a coach that yes they can do in life what you did or what they want to do, and you are here to help them and guide them in this process.

Mentoring means being a guru for someone who surrenders oneself to you and now you are here for them to help in their career development.

Mentoring is a life-fulfilling process, you are an idol or a role model to someone and they want to become like you, I mean that’s an amazing and great achievement in life that how you impact people’s lives in a good and positive way.


Starting your own product or services you think by which people will get benefits by using them or how your products or services can solve their problems.

Starting with a great idea that provides value to the people in your target market and helps them easily.

Explore more in your niche and combine them with your learning and experience, it will take time but you will come up with a great product or service.

In the end, I want to conclude that to attract customers in the crowded place and in this high competition we must apply strong marketing strategies and our target audience should know why they choose us over many businesses or companies.

We have to make aware of our customers about what we are serving them and how will our product or service will going to make a positive impact in their lives.

I hope you will get some value and learning from this article and if you like this message from me then comment on what top 5 things you like the most, in the comment box

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